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How do Clay Masks work?

How do Clay Masks work?

Natural clay is negatively charged while toxins and impurities in your skin are positively charged. When applying a clay mask, the clay thus attracts the impurities out of your pores and is rinsed away when you remove your mask.

We use white kaolin clay as the main base ingredient in all our clay masks as it is the most gentle, yet absorbent and mildly exfoliating type of natural clay. To enhance their ability to absorb impurities, we add small amounts of bentonite clay into the masks. Bentonite is a natural volcanic clay which is ash-brown in colour and helps with detoxifying your skin.

How to Use a Clay Mask:

1. Remove all makeup and cleanse your face.

2. Apply an even layer of mask on your face.

3. Wait 10 minutes till it hardens.

4. Wet your mask and rinse off with water. Gently scrub your face as your rinse.

5. Apply toner and moisturiser to your face.

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