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By Eggs Clay Mask Review on Pen My Blog

By Eggs Clay Mask Review on Pen My Blog

We approached the lovely Shivani from Pen My Blog for our Christmas 2017 campaign. Over the past two months, she has been diligently using our bestselling Watermelon Sorbet and Peppermint Crush Clay Masks. Here's here review on the masks.

Quotations below taken verbatim from Pen My Blog - all credits goes to the team there! 😍

"Now what needs to be known about these, is that they are a 2-in-1 clay mask that acts as both a mask and exfoliant in one go. They are encased in a cute little tub which is reminiscent of an ice cream/gelato packaging and they are formulated with 100% of natural exfoliants such as rosemary,walnut and lavender to make it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones"

"Over the past two months of use now, it is good to say that there was a significant amount of improvement on the skin. If you are the type who suffers from occasional red patches or have oily skin, then these would be perfect to use. Of course, you would need to be diligent and be consistent in order for them to work, but in time, you would definitely see a wonderful progress as a whole."

Check out the full article here and do stay tuned to Pen My Blog as they bring to you more beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips! 

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